Our Medical services - flexibility and quality

Stockholms Akutläkargrupp AB is a company that offers medical services in consulting, staffing and hiring of doctors in the Stockholm region. The company has medical staff employed and a pool of physicians with different specialties and experience. All doctors working with Stockholms Akutläkargrupp have been through the company's quality program in which both formal education and experience are reviewed and consultative capacity rated. The pool of physicians consists of approximately 400 doctors in various specialties.


We offer healthcare staffing where short-term staffing at short notice is our most used and appreciated service. In Stockholm, we can usually be on site within two hours from the time we got the assignment, which means that we are on site the same day that one of the regular doctors calls in sick, or are at home with sick children.

Companies and organizations

Stockholms Akutläkargrupp AB also offers customized medical services to companies and government agencies among others. In addition to consulting services, we also offer customized training, information services, investigations, advice and more. Please contact us with your interest!

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